From “Woo woo” to “wooHOO!”

If you’re craving a new beginning that’s free of the pain of the past … you’re in the right place!
Oh Shift!Who is this for?


Somewhere along the way, 

do you feel like you lost your ‘shine’?

Do you feel like you’re merely existing … and living someone else’s vision for your life?

Be honest: when was the last time you felt truly ALIVE … lit up with passion and bursting at the seams with purpose and joy?

Are you staring blankly at the screen? (Umm… purpose? Joy?? More like crippling self-loathing and Netflix!) #nojudgement

Oh, beautiful soul … you are SO not alone!

It’s time to clear the crap, ditch the limiting beliefs, and re-program your subconscious so that you can FINALLY go after the life you’ve been dreaming about!

Hey Boo  –  Can you relate?


Do you ….

… have a fear of being ‘visible’?

… have a lack of self-confidence and self-worth?

… feel like you have a barrier around your heart, and you find in hard to receive love because you’ve been hurt in the past?

… have issues with masculine energy?

… find it hard to receive abundance?


Or maybe you also ….

… feel like you’re living someone else’s expectation of you and you crave freedom?

… suffer from health issues like IBS, headaches, and skin issues?

… have a tendency to over-plan, over-think, and over DO everything?

… feel like you’re doing ALL. THE. THINGS. …but you just don’t seem to be able to feel fully happy?



Hey, I’ve got you.

This deep healing session is for you EVEN IF you

don’t have the first clue about energy work — and maybe you even think it sounds a bit weird! (Pinky promise I’ll make you feel comfortable!)

are convinced that ‘the good life’ is something ‘other people’ have and that you’re destined for a life of stress and boredom (Psst! I’ll help you fall in love with your life!)

feel nervous as F**K about being vulnerable. (Sessions only ever go as deep as you’re comfortable with!)

The good news?

No matter how stuck, anxious, or lost you’re feeling, 

healing work can help you to FEEL BETTER.

The healing modalities I use are gateways to self-discovery and transformation.

I’ll lead you through an incredible journey of healing to transform pain into positivity and fear into excitement so that YOU feel a greater sense of peace, self-love, and worthiness. 

Let’s do this!

Who is a Healing Session for?

Women who are drawn to my work are ready to deal with past baggage and LET GO of old thoughts that are no longer serving them.

They’re DONE feeling stuck and they’re ready for MORE.

More joy. More success. More growth. And more badassery!

Healing work might be a good fit for you’re looking to:

Feel less anxious

Feel at ease in your own skin

Gain freedom from other people’s expectations of you

Reclaim who you really are, free from all the BS stories you tell yourself

Redefine your purpose … and feel SO bomb doing it!

Live a life of freedom and flow … on YOUR terms!

You in?