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I use a variety of healing modalities such as reiki, tarot, and sound therapy to help you to access deep parts of yourself that need healing.
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What is HOLISTIC Healing?

Healing work feels like being wrapped in a 100% cashmere jumper whilst eating 3287 luxury chocolate truffles, listening to the soothing sound of John Suchet’s voice on ClassicFM … and snuggling under a goose down duvet at The Savoy. (Uh …yes please!)

In other words? It’s REALLY F-ing relaxing.

And liberating.

And downright AMAZING.

Now, let’s let your Year 8 English teacher* into the room. So… what exactly IS “energy healing”? Ah! I’m SO glad you asked. (*Over to you, Mrs Thornton!)

For the uninitiated: 

Energy Healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems with the aim of removing emotional blocks. 

Healing is less about “fixing yourself” and more a practice of letting go.

Think of the shamanic approach to healing as a jumping off point for self-exploration in a safe, inviting, and relaxing space. 

At the root of healing work is excavating negative thoughts and emotions that have been in the ‘driver’s seat’ of your life.  

During my unique energy healing sessions, I use a variety of healing modalities such as reiki, tarot, and sound therapy to help you to access deep parts of yourself that need healing.  

Ultimately, healing is about accessing your subconscious beliefs and “taking out the rubbish” of your mind, so that you can ditch what’s not serving you and transform your life

Healing work will help you to ‘get back in the driver’s seat’ and take back control of your life. It can help you to rid yourself of anxiety and move you closer to your true, authentic self, so that you can enjoy more peace, fulfilment, and joy!


Healing sessions at Sean Kelly Healing draw on a variety of healing modalities, such as reiki, sound therapy, guided meditation, Psychomagik tarot, yoga, and crystal healing.

Sessions involve using a variety of tools and techniques to gently open your energy field – a process which will help you to ditch your painful past and move towards a more dazzling future.

Have a browse of my offerings and then take a look at my packages to choose the healing that best fits with your needs.


Reiki is a system of natural healing medicine that involves a practitioner channelling universal energy through the laying of hands to help alleviate spiritual, physical or mental suffering in their clients.

The word “Reiki” derives from Japanese, which combines rei (“soul, spirit’) and ki (“vital energy”). Reiki healing helps people to feel connected to their “True Selves.”

I’m trained in 4 different forms of Reiki – SNU (spiritual national Union) Usui, Holy Fire 3, and Tibetan.  Each form of Reiki has their own frequency and symbolism attributed to it, so I use my intuition to guide me in selecting which form is best for the client. I am a Certified Reiki Master (School of Reiki 2012), a Reiki Master/Trainer in Usui and Holy Fire 3 (Diamond Light School, 2016), and I have also qualified in Tibetan Reiki Level 3 (Jambo Truong, 2020).

This healing modality helps to retune and balance the different energy centres (chakras) and energy pathways (meridians) throughout the body. Sometimes physical pain has its root in an emotional trauma or vice versa.

Through the medium of Reiki, I can help your mind, body, and soul (energy body) find its balance again. After your session you’ll feel calmer, clearer, and more connected to yourself than ever before.

Psychomagik Tarot

Psychomagik Tarot is a healing modality that uses the Tarot to examine what you may have inherited from your family’s limiting patterns of behaviour

Everyone inherits a ‘template’ of psychological conditioning. This conditioning then becomes buried deeply in your unconscious mind, often unhelpfully driving all of your behaviours and making you feel ‘stuck.’

Psychomagik Tarot is a tool for personal development and evolution.

Its purpose is to stop the transmission of these negative familial patterns, and to remove the blockages that are holding you back from being the authentic version of yourself who is free to create the life you desire.  

During the session, I use the ‘characters’ of the Tarot to see how they are mirrored in the major characters of your life story. I am able to see and retell the stories which have become the “knot” in your life. Sometimes what is keeping you stuck is as simple as a parent having said to you that, “you’ll never find love so just settle and find someone quickly.” Or, perhaps because you were brought up in a family that experienced money problems you inherently think that will also be your destiny. (Newsflash: it’s NOT!)

During your tarot reading, you’ll be gifted a prescription of a “magick” act to sever the illusion of the ego that has kept you “stuck.” Using this new understanding, you’ll be able to unpick these hidden beliefs, allowing you to be liberated of the negative origin story.

Through the medium of the Tarot, I help to enable a conversation with your subconscious, and bring the negativity out into the light. I will work with the specifics of what you need to heal, declutter, and integrate in order to consciously eliminate what no longer serves you and imprint new beliefs. After your session you will feel fully ‘seen,’ ‘whole,’ and free of limiting beliefs, enabling you to create the life you’ve been dreaming about.

Singing Bowl Sound Therapy &
Guided meditation

The use of crystal ‘singing bowls’ is about using their unique vibrational sound attunement for the purpose of bringing about deep healing in a client. During a session, the client is guided into a deeply relaxing meditative state while the practitioner creates a variety of healing sounds using singing bowls and shamanic drums.

Sound Healing sessions are designed to generate healing frequencies in the body with the purpose of awakening forgotten parts of yourself and creating deeply restorative balance.

During a session, I use a variety of rubber, suede, glass, and wooden tools to make the bowls ‘sing’ their healing frequencies.  (Have you ever run your finger along the rim of a wine glass and heard it “sing”? Singing bowls create sound in a similar way.)

The crystal singing bowls are incredible healing instruments made from Pure Quartz Crystal, which is a natural crystal known to be deeply healing.  The quartz is melted at 3000 degrees and then reset into the shape of a bowl. They are attuned to 432 hertz rather than 440, because it’s the frequency of healing rather than the frequency of music.

Sessions begin with a consultation where we discuss what you feel needs healing, Then, once you’re comfortable, I shift the energy of the room with the traditional shamanic practice of ‘smudging’ using black sage and Palo Santo sage. Often at this point I’ll also use intention crystals to aid in the creation of a ‘held space.’

After I’ve create a safe and energetically ‘cleared’ space, you can comfortably recline, and I will call in your guides. Then I will gently guide you into a guided visualisation.

It is much easier to drop into meditation when there is something external to focus on. The singing bowls are used to help quieten your mind, and to enable you to gain access to your subconscious. You will enjoy a truly immersive experience as you listen to the other-worldly sounds created by the singing bowls, and as you begin to relax you will begin to visualise incredible things in your mind’s eye.

I will be talking throughout the session, and you will simply listen and relax, allowing your mind to wander deeply, but safely, into your subconscious. After your session, you are free to discuss with me what you ‘saw’ and I will help you to make sense of your visions. There is no touching involved during this wonderfully restorative healing session.

This magnificent sound experience allows your energetic body to reset. You will feel a deep sense of calm and inner peace unlike anything you’re likely to have ever experienced before. Many clients have reported feeling like they’re ‘walking on air’ and that they feel beautifully peaceful for days or even weeks after a session.



Reiki level 1 training


Next Training Day is SUNDAY 20th February

This signature Sean Kelly Healing package is designed to show you how to rebalance and recharge your energy centres using a combination of three incredibly powerful healing modalities: Reiki Healing, Guided Meditation, and Sound Therapy. And you will also become a fully certified Reiki 1 practitioner.

The Reiki level 1 Course is designed for people who want to learn & develop their natural intuitive healing abilities leading to full level 1 certification by the end of the training.

You will learn to channel the Universal energy (Reiki). The energy works to heal you from within, physically, emotionally and spiritually. You will learn how the body can start to heal itself and how Reiki can be a valuable tool to help you.

You will also be practicing meditation, gain experience of Spiritual discussions and learn the history of Reiki. You will be given a 21-day self-healing practice to follow after the training & a journal to complete your personal observations on the healing journey.

A Reiki 1 certificate & training manual plus Reiki journal will be issued on the completion of the workshop. A Reiki 1 certificate enables you to practice healing on yourself, family and friends. When you feel ready Reiki 2 is the next step to becoming a Reiki practitioner allowing you to have paying clients if you wish to do so.

You’ll be required to show a 28day journal before receiving the certificate 



Psychomagik Tarot Consult

A Psychomagik Tarot session is an incredibly powerful experience which aims to figure out the “knot” which is holding you back from your true purpose. I use the secrets of the Tarot and meta-geneology to help you to let go of what is no longer serving you in your life. 

Sessions are approximately 1hr45 minutes.


Regular Tarot Reading

(Distance – Zoom or email)

Enjoy an incredibly insightful Tarot card reading session, which is designed to offer purpose and clarity on your chosen line of enquiry. I will use the Tarot and other divination tools to help you to find meaning and direction in your life.

*Note that this session differs from the Psychomagik Tarot Consultation.