Welcome beautiful soul! I'm Sean.

I help women to reclaim their sense of self and purpose both during and after stressful times of life transition … and I’d be honoured to help guide YOU through the process of coming back home to yourself!


I take a firm stand AGAINST the idea that you have to conform to anyone else’s expectations, and FOR the idea of you being 

liberated, abundant, and FREE to be who you were born to be.

If you feel stuck in the grips of other people’s expectations, I’m here to remind you that you CAN be liberated, abundant, and free.  I’ll help you break free of other people’s expectation of you so that you STOP living someone else’s story, and START writing your own!

My professional qualifications and my unique skillset make me perfectly suited to helping you heal. Using a variety of healing modalities, I will gently ease you out of pain and break through unhelpful patterns of thoughts and ‘stuck’ emotions.

My compassionate approach to healing helps you to release emotional blockages so that you can be free to create a vibrant future of abundance and wholeness.

My loving, masculine energy is also incredibly healing for clients who have historically had issues with men due to abuse or trauma. My presence is empathetic, nourishing and entirely safe.

Confession time …

…for the longest time, I didn’t know how to describe what I do.

I knew I wanted to offer my clients ALL. THE. THINGS. to help them massively up-level their lives, but finding the words to describe what I do didn’t come easily. 

After years of gaining multiple high-level qualifications and undertaking trainings in everything from Reiki to Psychomagik, massage to sound healing, I realised: 

Everything I do is with the intention of HEALING pain and TRANSFORMING it into positivity.

I now describe myself as a Transformational Energy Healer, and intuitive guide. 

Let’s break down my unconventional title into what that means for YOU!


I work with clients who are SO ready for change!



I work with a person’s subtle energy field – also called working with your chi/ life force or meridian work. Whatever you want to call it, I work with the “energy” of a person and help to correct where there are negative imbalances that are keeping them feeling ‘stuck’ in old patterns.



Healers are sometimes called shamans or intuitive guides. I am a practitioner whose gifts are spiritual. I am able to transform energy and help clear energetic blocks by channelling the “chi” or “universal energy” that exists in all beings.

My journey to being a healer 

From a young age, I knew I was different. Around the age of 12, I realised that I was a spiritualist medium and psychic. For my whole life, I have been able to see spirits and pass on messages to people, but as I’ve gotten older the techniques I employ to access this gift have changed.

My favourite way to access my spiritual gifts is through the Tarot. I distinctly remember that I got my first Tarot deck for £7.99 when I was 13, from a book store in Whitby, in the North East. I was absolutely entranced. From that point onwards, I had a deep knowing that this work was my calling. I am currently passionately creating a tarot deck that will be available to purchase soon. (Watch this space!) 

I was brought up by my mother who is also a Wellness Practitioner with an array of different skillsets, such as massage therapy and essential oil usage, that I have picked up as a result. 

I have been in mentoring roles and management since I was 18; as an intuitive, I really get how people ‘tick’ and I love to help others to perform their best. I learned so much of what I know from my incredibly gifted Nana. She was an oracle who aided people with all types of medical issues from the birthing process to comforting people through death and grieving. She was a totally non-judgemental person with very clear boundaries, and yet endless compassion. 



After I left school, I initially studied hairdressing, which I also absolutely adore, because I love to witness transformations and incredible results in rapid time. Since 2014, I have owned and operated a successful hair salon, called Spectrum Hair Studio, in Minehead, UK. I have been incredibly privileged to talk to my amazing clients about their lives and their fascinating backgrounds. I have always been captivated by how a person’s experience becomes “their work.”

I have been undertaking ongoing learning and teaching with mentors in the areas of Bodywork, Yoga, Esoteric Arts, Sound Therapy, and Magick Arts. I am passionate about life being a journey of learning and up-leveling, and it is my greatest honour to help my clients to feel the same.

Yes, what I do might be “woo” … but I do it with more sparkles, laughter, and swearing than what might be typical! My style of interaction is super down-to-earth and approachable.